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Puzzle is the #1 tool to create beautiful and easy-to-understand system diagrams that sync with your no-code systems so your documentation always stays updated.

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Trusted by operators to document and visualize over 20,000+ workflows

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Flowcharting has never been easier

See how all your team's processes interrelate

Consumers, customers, and employees go through your departments processes — a collection of forms, documents, no-code automation, and app interfaces. Use Puzzle to plan, build, and improve how yours work.

Visualize how the whole system works at a glance, and make it better every day

Document and organize every workflow

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Marketing Operations

Plan, build, and monitor all your campaigns, workflows, and chat flows in one place.

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Email & SMS campaigns

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Automation workflows

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Live chat flows

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Customer journey mapping

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Sales Operations

Document exactly how your CRM works and how it integrates with the rest of your RevOps tools.

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Lead sequences

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CRM automations

System integrations

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Data enrichment flows

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Service Operations

Map each delivery flow for every one of your products, services, or support channels.

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Customer onboarding flow

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Escalation paths

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Product onboarding flows

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Supply chain mapping

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Financial Operations

Collaborate on complex financial procedures to ensure compliance.

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Procurement workflow

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Budget approval flows

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Payroll process

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Finance system integrations

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People Operations

Draw out the employee experience just as you would the customer experience.

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Hiring process

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Employee onboarding

Employee lifecycle mapping

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HR system automations

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No Code IT Operations

Document and monitor your no-code automations across your apps.

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Zapier automations

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Make automations

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Hubspot workflows

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Go-high-level workflows

*Product OPs, Data Ops, DevOps, DesignOps, Legal Ops not shown here.

Powerful features that help get your team on the same page

Features made for operators and system builders

Workflow Canvas

Plan, document, and interconnect every process with dedicated sidebars to house training & technical requirements on each step.

Team Designer

Drag  & drop role cards and see how those roles contribute across processes — finally, “wearing many hats” has a definition now.

Reusable Templates

Browse The Component Library for Business Operations, categorized by department, to get inspired to build your own scalable processes.

Sync & Monitor

Create maps in just a few clicks — sync with your systems to automatically create steps connected with your Hubspot workflows and forms, Zapier zaps, Make scenarios, and more.

Team Collaboration

Comment on process steps or sections to start feedback cycles, empower teams with unified decision-making, and fuel engagement.

Public Views

Bundle sections to share with internal teams or external stakeholders who only need to understand a few pieces of your operations.

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Start visualizing your processes today!

Diagram & visualize how your processes and systems work

Organizations use 130 apps on average to run their business operations. Puzzle is where you plan, build, visualize, and improve your System-Led Operation™.